In the Spirit of the Holidays, Give

It’s often said that giving is better than receiving, and so, in the spirit of the holidays, we’re asking you to give the gift of gear.


What does that mean?


All year, we’ve received entries for our Get Outfitted Gear Giveaway that make us stop and reflect. Entries from parents on behalf of their children, stories from people wanting gear for a friend in need, and more – we’ve been truly touched by the spirit of goodwill across our fan base. Now, as we head into the season of giving, our Gear Giveaway offers you a way to give back to others.


Need inspiration? You’ll find it here.


We were moved by Beth’s entry, a letter she wrote on behalf of her friend Susan, who “would never dream of asking for herself.”


Susan and her family


Beth wrote to us and explained that Susan’s husband was diagnosed with ALS in 2009 and is confined to a wheelchair. She said:


“Susan has an amazingly positive attitude and is learning to find the silver lining in every dark cloud. With that in mind, she has realized that while she is running around between spending time with Kevin at his care facility, volunteering in Nathan’s class at elementary school, dropping Ben off at middle school, and running the necessary errands like groceries, prescriptions and the post office, to name a few (all locations are within a three-mile-radius), she could really use a bicycle for it all. What a simple pleasure and short respite from troubles it would be to pedal from place to place! A bicycle would allow Susan to save on gas (an ever-increasing expenditure already taking a huge bite out of her budget), get fresh air and exercise (something that she has intimated is important so that she can be around for the boys for a long, long time), and give her and the boys something that they can do together when given the chance.”


We agree with Beth and sent Susan a Women’s Sport Tour Bike


Let L.L.Bean help you give the gift of gear this year. Enter here or on our Facebook page.




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