Our Favorite Moments from the Mission


Our Million Moment Mission to donate $1 million to the National Park Foundation’s programs for kids was a great success – the money is already at work for and will continue to make the outdoors accessible to over  60,000 children. We couldn’t have done it without your willingness to share your outdoor moments with us. And now we want to share some of our favorite moments from the year with you.


We kicked off our 100th anniversary year by introducing our Bootmobile, the 13’ boot-on-wheels that celebrates our most iconic product – the Bean Boot. From New York to Chicago and beyond, Bootmobile events have provided a unique way to interact with you in outdoor settings. Each stop has contributed greatly to the Mission.


Bootmobile visits NYC

Times Square, NYC


Wally in Kenmore

The Bootmobile and Wally in Boston's Kenmore Square


Bean Meets Bean

Our interpretation of Bean meets the famous Chicago Bean


Bootmobile in Parade

The Bootmobile in a parade in Lexington, MA - the "Beanest Town in America"


We created a limited-edition Fenway Boat and Tote this year and were overwhelmed by the support it received.


Fenway Tote

The tote at Fenway Park, signed by the 2011-2012 Red Sox for the Jimmy Fund Auction


Line for Totes

Our Facebook post, expressing our gratitude


And we partnered with Maine’s own Gifford’s Ice Cream to create “Muddy Bean Boots,” an original ice cream flavor inspired by Bean Boots.


Muddy Bean Boots

Muddy Bean Boots' much-awaited release in supermarkets


We launched our Discover Something campaign, which introduced you to stories shared by fans. Below is Ashlyn, whose mountain climb inspired many more.


Ashlyn and Daniel

Discover Something's Ashlyn O.


Ashlyn's Thank You Note

Ashlyn's thank-you note



You also met Steve Gadecki through the campaign who has served as a true L.L.Bean ambassador over the course of the anniversary year. His Bean story started with a backpack and continues as he inspires people to get out and “discover something.”


Steven Gadecki

Steven in the "Discover Something" campaign


The Gadecki Family

Steven and his family


The L.L.Bean Get Outfitted Gear Giveaway has been a hit with fans, and some of the stories we’ve read have been remarkable. Take Mark L’s, for example.


Mark L's Entry

A powerful story from winner Mark L.


Then, there was our Hometown Celebration, during which over 40,000 fans came out to celebrate our anniversary in Freeport, Maine.


Bean Boot Parade

Bean Boot parade on the Fourth of July



L.L.Bean young fans showing support for our 100th


Seth and Kids

Olympian and Maine native Seth Westcott with kids at our Hometown Celebration


ODS Course

Outdoor Discovery Schools course during Hometown Celebration


Lobster Toss

Our iconic Maine lobster-toss game


Chris Isaak

The Chris Isaak concert that concluded our celebration



And, of course, the biggest fireworks spectacular in Maine history.


In celebrating our 100th year, we’d be remiss not to mention the feats of our own employees. We celebrated National Bike Month with Kris Willis, who bikes to and from work every day. We also received a very special gift from long-time employee Marion, in the form of a commemorative rug.


Kris Willis

Kris on one of her daily rides


Marion's Rug

Marion and her friends in Customer Service, with the final product


We’d also be remiss not to mention the feats of our fans! This cake was a delightful sight – and tasty, too.


Boot Cake


And L.L.Bean employee Frank G. created a slightly different version of the Bootmobile.


Mini Boot

The Bootmobile's younger sibling


Most impactful of all, of course, are the moments created and shared by you. Your passion for the outdoors has not only inspired the next generation, but it’s enabled a donation that will serve programs that connect youth to nature.


You made this happen by sharing moments from the beach.




And from the ski slope.


Skiing with Mom


There were plenty of moments with your kids, which we couldn’t get enough of!



Photo from a Gear Giveaway winner


Bootmobile stop

A Bootmobile stop





Girl in Pink




Smiling Girl





We know your pets love L.L.Bean, and we love them just as much. Here are some of our favorite shots that you shared.









Last, but not least, you shared moments from your time spent outdoors. By doing this, you’ve not only inspired us, but you fueled the mission and inspired the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.


You went hiking.




You shared your fun in the snow.





You gave us a glimpse of what kayaking means to you.





And many of you shared your enthusiasm for backpacking, too.



Lady Hiker


These are only a few of the moments that have been shared so far this year. As we mentioned in our post last week, although this Mission has ended, we hope you join us in continuing to inspire the next generation to get outdoors. Have an outdoor moment that you love? We’ll love it, too – share it with us on Facebook and Twitter as we move into this next chapter of outdoor discovery!


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