Muddy Bean Boots Ice Cream – Now at Your Local Grocery Store

What’s our favorite ice cream flavor? Muddy Bean Boots, of course! Created by Gifford’s Ice Cream in honor of our anniversary year and inspired by our classic L.L.Bean Boots, the flavor continues to be a delicious hit at Gifford’s stands across Maine.


In response to unprecedented customer demand this summer, Gifford’s Ice Cream is packaging its popular Muddy Bean Boots ice cream in quarts for retail sale at supermarkets.


Muddy Bean Boots now available at grocery stores


Gifford’s Ice Cream, L.L.Bean, Oakhurst Dairy and Hannaford recently held a customer appreciation event at Hannaford in Scarborough, Maine, to celebrate the ice cream’s grocery store launch. Fans enjoyed free samples of Muddy Bean Boots ice cream, giveaways, games, face painting and music.



Mascots L.L.Bear and Oakhurst’s Oakie the Acorn (wearing Bean Boots) were the life of the party.



Maine-based Oakhurst Dairy is the exclusive dairy provider to Gifford’s Ice Cream. Its milk and cream are key ingredients in all of Gifford’s products.



The quarts began hitting shelves at Hannaford supermarkets in Maine on August 13 and quickly expanded to other supermarkets and grocery stores, including Shaw’s, in New England, New York State, New Jersey, Maryland and eastern Pennsylvania.



The award-winning old-fashioned vanilla ice cream with sweet caramel ripple and rich chocolate brownie bites doesn’t just taste good – it “does good,” too. A portion of the proceeds goes to support Healthy Hometowns, a Maine nonprofit that engages young people in active lifestyles through outdoor recreation.


Have you tried Muddy Bean Boots yet?

  1. Claudette L. | September 4, 2012 | 5:44 am

    LL Muddy Bean Boot Ice Cream is now my favorite flavor!!! I had my first taste in Naples Maine in June & now I eat it all the time. Very glad that I can buy it @ Hannaford. Great Job Giffords & Oakhurst & L.L.Bean. Thank you for this wonderful flavor!

  2. Carol Ransom | September 4, 2012 | 10:02 am

    Great ice Cream an Oakhurst Dairy is the best! No hormones or other “junk” in their milk or cream. I do NOT work or know anyone at Oakhurst. Just love their milk and pledge to health.

  3. Carl | September 4, 2012 | 10:04 am

    I am diabetic. What is the sugar and carbohydrate content of the product?

    • Sara | L.L.Bean | September 4, 2012 | 12:48 pm

      Carl, the sugar content of Muddy Bean Boots ice cream is 19g per serving. The carbohydrate content is 22g per serving. For more information, check Gifford’s Ice Cream website.

  4. Customer | September 4, 2012 | 9:52 pm

    Might’ve been nice to know about the “celebration” before it happened! I had looked for this in stores a while back and couldn’t find it. Glad for everyone who got to sample the ice cream for free and/or got coupons for a free quart.

  5. DOROTHY LEGUE | February 6, 2013 | 4:47 pm


    • Nathaniel | L.L.Bean | February 7, 2013 | 10:57 am

      Hi, Dorothy. Muddy Bean Boots was a limited-edition Gifford’s Ice Cream flavor in celebration of our 100th anniversary. It’s no longer available.

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