Jo Dee Messina’s “Days Like This”

There’s nothing like a country song to get you in the mood to spend summer days outside. And recently, country music star Jo Dee Messina inspired us with an anecdote about one creative way her family got outdoors this summer. She treated us to a concert at our Hometown Celebration, but before that, she shared a sweet story of how her husband and son recently went on an impromptu fishing adventure.


Jo Dee Messina - Fishin' Family


On her blog, “The Fumbling Mom,” Jo Dee tells us that after finding free time at a park during the CMA Music Festival, her husband and son got the idea to make a fishing pole. They used a stick, kite string and a staple to piece together their outdoor gear, and then spent hours on the river together.


This simple act of creating outdoor memories from scratch reminds us that you don’t need much to make a moment a memory. As Jo Dee said, “Simple. No fancy fishing pole (though my husband has many of them at home). No big boat. Nothing too complicated. Just quality time together. Memories I hope our son will forever cherish. It’s priceless. Days like this….”


Jo Dee Messina - Fishin' Family


Even though we love their handmade rods, to show our appreciation for Jo Dee and her family, we presented her with L.L.Bean fishing gear at our Hunting & Fishing store, where the concert was moved due to rain.


Jo Dee Messina & son - L.L.Bean gear


Jo Dee Messina - Hometown Celebration Performance


What are some creative ways your family has enjoyed the outdoors this summer? Let us know, and maybe we’ll feature you on one of our upcoming posts.


Photos courtesy of Jo Dee Messina.

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