A Get Out(fitted) Gear Getaway

Her journey started with a poem.


Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway winner, Jessica, climbs Mount Kilimanjaro


An excerpt:

I am happy and calm and all around giddy
To come back to the city is always a pity
I do have some gear (most of it is from Bean!)
But for my next adventure, I may need you to intervene…


You see, this summer I am planning something cool
I am going to volunteer in Tanzania at an orphanage or school
I cannot wait to spend time doing a good deed
Helping those less fortunate, those who are in need


While I am across the globe and when my work is done
My plan is to see Tanzania’s beautiful land and have a bit of fun
I’ve always dreamed of Africa, now it’s time to go
So I can climb Mt Kilimanjaro!!


Recent Gear Giveaway winner Jess N. won us over with her creative poem. Jess recently emailed us about her incredible adventure that not only enriched her life, but enhanced the lives of others, too.


Jess embarked on her Kilimanjaro journey with six other climbers through the organization “Make a Difference” (MAD).The organization houses children in a Tanzanian orphanage and puts them through school. They raise money through climbers like Jess, who are asked to fundraise in support of their climb.


Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway winner, Jess, climbs Mount Kilimanjaro for M.A.D.


Before the climb, Jess and her fellow hikers spent time with the children in the orphanage. Jess says, “We played sports, taught them how to garden and tutored them in their studies. To be able to get to know these kids during the weeks before we climbed was just such an amazing time. Talk about motivation to get up that mountain!”


With this motivation behind them, the climbing team set off on the Machame Route – one of the most difficult routes, but one that allows a lot of time for acclimatization.


Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway winner, Jess, climbs Mount Kilimanjaro


The hikers began their summit at midnight. Jess says, “It was the most difficult 7 hours of my life. But it was followed by the most incredible 10 minutes up the summit, so it was definitely worth it.”


Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway winner, Jess, camps on Mount Kilimanjaro



Jess wrote:
“I am forever indebted to L.L.Bean for providing me with the essential gear to get up Mt. Kilimanjaro! I used the Trail Model Hikers, and they were such a dream. I hardly felt like I had boots on my feet, they were so comfortable, and I came out of the seven-day trek blister-free! The Ascent Packaway Pullover was also just the best thing to have on that mountain. I think I wore it almost every day, as the temperatures dropped very quickly after Day 1. The pullover was SO warm and weighs practically nothing – I will be bringing it on all future adventures, that’s for sure. Thank you for everything – the rain gear came in handy, too, as did the gloves. I would not have been nearly as prepared were it not for your Gear Giveaway! Keep up the good work, L.L.Bean – you are the best!!!”


Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway winner, Jess, climbs Mount Kilimanjaro


We’re thrilled Jess completed her personal journey and helped others along the way.


Have you ever climbed (or run, walked, biked, hiked, paddled, etc.) for a cause? Let us know about your journey for others.

  1. Make A Difference | August 30, 2012 | 12:01 pm

    Make A Difference (MAD) would like to thank both Jess and L.L. Bean for their contribution to our Make A Difference (MAD) Climb for Education up Kilimanjaro. Join us on our next climb for education for orphaned children in Africa. Go to: http://www.gomadnow.org/events/kilimanjaro.php

    Make A Difference

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