Monthly Archives: August 2012

  1. Thursday, 8/30/12

    Before They’re Gone – by Michael Lanza

    One focus of our 100th anniversary celebration this year is about inspiring the next generation to explore and enjoy our magnificent outdoor spaces. We were delighted to learn that acclaimed author and outdoorsman Michael Lanza was interested in sharing his family’s adventures as a guest blogger for L.L.Bean.   Michael Lanza is the Northwest Editor… More

  2. Thursday, 8/30/12

    Muddy Bean Boots Ice Cream – Now at Your Local Grocery Store

    What’s our favorite ice cream flavor? Muddy Bean Boots, of course! Created by Gifford’s Ice Cream in honor of our anniversary year and inspired by our classic L.L.Bean Boots, the flavor continues to be a delicious hit at Gifford’s stands across Maine.   In response to unprecedented customer demand this summer, Gifford’s Ice Cream is… More

  3. Wednesday, 8/29/12

    The Evolution of the Backpack

    The 1980s was full of fashion trends – like parachute pants, leg warmers and shoulder pads – that quickly became the epitome of fashion “don’ts.” Yet during this daring decade, one item that came onto the scene has stayed a “do” ever since – the L.L.Bean Book Pack.     Perhaps you know it as… More

  4. Monday, 8/27/12

    Maine Day at Fenway Park

    Baseball and the great outdoors are two of America’s most tried-and-true pastimes. This year we’re happy to celebrate both, as we share our 100th birthday with our good friends at the Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park. Our partnership with Fenway has given us many unforgettable moments this year. We’ve visited with Wally the Green Monster,… More

  5. Friday, 8/24/12

    A Get Out(fitted) Gear Getaway

    Her journey started with a poem.     An excerpt: I am happy and calm and all around giddy To come back to the city is always a pity I do have some gear (most of it is from Bean!) But for my next adventure, I may need you to intervene…   You see, this… More

  6. Monday, 8/13/12

    A boot with a lot of sole and other Bootmobile wordplay

    This year, our iconic L.L.Bean Boot transformed into the Bootmobile and set off on an East Coast tour in celebration of our 100th anniversary. While out on the road, Bootmobile drivers Eric and Keith always meet L.L.Bean fans with their own L.L.Bean stories to share – as well as a few chuckle-worthy “boot” puns.  … More

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