100th Anniversary Collector’s Knife with Display Box

In honor of our 100th anniversary, we’ve created a collection of unique L.L.Bean items – from canoes to paddles to a special Boat and Tote Bag and more. Now, we’ve added the 100th Anniversary Collector’s Knife with Display Box, a stunning addition to any knife collection.


100th Anniversary Collector's Knife with Display Box


This full-tang fixed-blade knife features a handle made from a beautiful red stag deer antler, popular with collectors because of its durability and the fact that no two handles look exactly alike. The impressive saber-clip blade is made from superhard 440C steel that is easy to sharpen and has excellent edge retention. The handle is adorned with a countersunk brass medallion boasting the L.L.Bean logo and is held to the tang by two unique brass rivets. The set includes a heavy-duty leather sheath with basket-weave pattern and three-row stitching reminiscent of our famous Maine Hunting Shoe.


The display box, made in Canada from bird’s-eye maple, features a clear glass top with a gorgeous wildlife etching. A lower drawer in the box stores the sheath when the knife is on display.


 100th Anniversary Collector's Knife with Display

100th Anniversary Collector's Knife

Only 750 knives were made for our anniversary year, and each one is unique and individually numbered.


The knives are made in Spain by Katz Knives, long known for their expert craftsmanship. Will you be adding one to your collection?



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