Sharon’s Story – Get (Outside) Gear Giveaway Winner

An avid runner and mother of two, Sharon discovered our Gear Giveaway in an email from L.L.Bean, but this wasn’t her family’s first foray into the world of the great outdoors. They’re all-around outdoor enthusiasts, and they’ve tried everything from biking to fishing to snowshoeing, with more outdoor plans for this summer.


Sharon Y. - Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway Winner


Sharon said their goal after winning a tent is to explore state parks. She said, “The giveaway has given us what we needed. The initial purchase of the tent is what can kill your budget.” Meet Sharon and her family in this video:

Sharon says:

“I’ve always loved being outside. We don’t even own a TV – we’ve never owned one, actually – so when we’re indoors, we’re avid readers. But it’s important to me that you spend a certain amount of time outdoors each day. To me, a house wasn’t ever meant to be the place you lived – a house is your shelter. I love that concept, and every time we’ve taken our kids different places, I’ve noticed my son in particular has an avid love for the outdoors. And they’ve always wanted to camp. Always. “

So when we asked Sharon what her best tip for getting kids outdoors was, she said, “In many ways, it’s about you doing it and you having a good attitude. Every time we go, someone will complain at some point. If you’re doing the complaining, no one will go – it’s also about knowing how much your kids can handle.”


Sharon Y. - Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway Winner
It looks like these kids can handle a lot! We thank Sharon and her family for sharing their story with us.


What are some ways you get your family outside?

  1. Alysoun Johnston | June 29, 2012 | 7:34 pm

    I completely agree with Sharon’s concept of the house being a shelter. I definitely feel at home in wild spaces rather than when I am cooped up inside!

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