A Fun Fact Friday

Happy Friday, folks.


Here at L.L.Bean we love numbers (100 being one of our favorites this year). So as the week comes to a close, we thought we’d dip into our fun fact book to share a few numbers with you:


Shoe size of giant L.L.Bean Boot at retail store entrance:



L.L.Bean Flagship, Freeport, ME


Customer contacts (email, phone, chat, etc.) in 2011:



Highest single-day phone volume (2011):



Record for single-day web orders (2010):



Packages shipped annually from Freeport, Maine (2011):



L.L.Bean Boot output daily at Brunswick, Maine, factory:



Miles walked daily by product picker at Bean warehouse:



Annual visitors to the L.L.Bean Freeport, Maine, campus:



Free cups of coffee dispensed at flagship store nightly: 


Price of ten-inch Maine Hunting Shoe, 1921:



Price of ten-inch Maine Hunting Shoe, 2012:



Size of the biggest trout in the retail store aquarium:

8 pounds; 28 inches


L.L.Bean Flagship, Freeport, ME - Fish Tank


Outdoor Discovery Schools® participants (2011):



Do any of these stats surprise you? Have a number or two to share with us?

  1. Marty | May 11, 2012 | 10:11 am

    My daughter loves your aquarium. Thanks for sharing this information. :)

  2. Thomas N. | October 25, 2013 | 7:51 am

    What’s probably more interesting is that the Bean boots haven’t really changed… The Boots in 1921 equivalent is $105. That’s a testament to the company right there.

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