When Life Gives You Snow, Go Sledding

Each winter, newly fallen snow beckons many of us from the warmth of our homes to the hills, trails and slopes. It encourages us to bundle up – and we oblige.


After we kicked off our Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway last month, we heard from many of you who were in need of a few items to make your winter gear wishes come true. While we weren’t able provide gear for each and every outdoor adventure, we wanted to share one of our winning entries from January.


When life gives you snow...

The request to Get Out(fitted) came to us from Lynne D. of Maryland, who was eager to relive memories of her childhood by creating new family memories on Bean’s Extra-Long Toboggan.


In her own words:

“I remember getting bundled up to fight the cold for an afternoon or evening of pure fun and laughs. We would make the 15 minute trek to a neighboring farm to go sledding with friends and neighbors. They had a [toboggan] that would take us on a ride down the hill, across the frozen farm pond, and land in a snowbank. With 4-6 people hanging on to each other, legs folded around and balancing to stay on top, we laughed the entire time…”

And now we’re imagining Lynne and her three children laughing all the way down a snowy landscape on their new L.L.Bean toboggan.


If you’d like to read Lynne’s full request or view other Get Out(fitted) Gear Giveaway winning entries, please take a look at the Winners Gallery. Once inspired, submit your own entry, and we may make your plan for an outdoor adventure a reality.

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