Hunting, Fishing, and Camping, 100th Anniversary Edition

L.L.'s original text

L.L.'s original text

The Original: In 1942, Leon Leonwood Bean – founder of our company and an enthusiastic outdoorsman — set out to share his outdoor expertise with his customers. The result was Hunting, Fishing and Camping, a guide to the Maine wilderness and a tribute to the land L.L. loved to explore. The book sold more than 200,000 copies in its original circulation and was regarded as a must-have manual for the outdoors — in Maine and beyond.


With chapters dedicated to hunting game of all sizes and fish of all species, and camping in all manner of environments, L.L. used photographs and his signature no-nonsense writing style to share his insights for a life spent outdoors.


In L.L.’s own words:

To my mind, hunting and fishing is the big lure that takes us into the great open spaces and teaches us to forget the mean and petty things of life.

The 100th Anniversary Edition

With a New Perspective: In celebration of our 100th anniversary, we’re releasing an update to L.L.’s original book — sharing his original stories and expertise alongside a 21st-century perspective from Bill Gorman, L.L.’s great-grandson and host of Outdoor Channel’s Guide to the Outdoors.


While the natural world has changed in many ways in the last 60 years, we’ve found that L.L.’s knowledge and enthusiasm continue to offer inspiration for a current generation discovering the value of time spent outdoors. L.L.’s words ring true to this day:


You may fish all day and not get a strike. You may hunt all day and not even see a deer. In fact you may go home empty-handed. Therefore, make up your mind to have a good time. Enjoy camp life and exercise in the open air and you will be well repaid for your trip.

Share Your Experience: Like L.L., who had 104 pages of outdoor insight to offer, many of us have outdoor knowledge to share. Does your family have a few words of outdoor advice you’ve passed from generation to generation? Leave a comment below, sharing your family’s words of outdoor wisdom.

  1. William J. Gosselin | January 21, 2012 | 1:17 pm

    Just a word or two about LLBean, who I met on a few occations. The late 40’s and early 50’s I worked in Boston at Mr. Bean’s favorite hotel, The Hotel Kenmore at Kenmor square. I was the room clerk on a split shif( various 8 hour times) and had the honor and plesure of signing in Mr. Bean. I found that he was a frequent visitor at the hotel. All the bellmen, room clerks,management staff would love to see Mr. Bean arrive. For time after time he would carry a number of items in the back of his station wagon. These would include the famous Main hunting boot(all sizes) the red and black checked shirts(various sizes) and other clothing for the management.

    The Hotel Kenmore was the home of the Boston Red Socks and the businiess management was a good friend of Mr. Beans( I even remember his name, according to your rules I will not mention it.}

    I have mention this to a number of llBeans employees but I thought with the 100th celebration you would like to hear about it. After my tour of duty at the Kenmore I returned to college, the University of New Hampsire and my major, Hotel Administration, was always a geat way to speak and talk about Mr. Bean

    My son-in-law, Clint Merriman says Hello to Jim Gorman – They graduated from Exeter High, way back when.

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