Monthly Archives: January 2012

  1. Tuesday, 1/31/12

    Celebrating 100 Years with 100 Adventures

    Exploring the outdoors is part of our DNA at L.L.Bean, and for our 100th anniversary celebration, we hope to share our passion for the outdoors by helping you to find yours. That’s why our Outdoor Discovery Schools® is offering 100 outdoor adventure courses during our anniversary year. This year, we’ve filled our course calendar with new and… More

  2. Saturday, 1/28/12

    Behind the Scenes at our Randal Ford Catalog Cover Shoot

    When Leon Leonwood Bean launched our company 100 years ago, he designed a one-page mailer that advertised his Maine Hunting Shoe. In the 100 years that have passed since L.L.’s first mailing, we’ve designed hundreds of slightly more sophisticated mailers — our catalogs — with covers that feature the work of many talented artists, friends… More

  3. Thursday, 1/26/12

    Do you Haiku? We do.

    At L.L.Bean, in addition to having a few published books under our belts, some of us are quite fond of a shorter form of literature: poetry. Recently, inspired by the launch of our 100th Anniversary, members of our Retail Allocations Team got their creative juices flowing and put pen to paper to write a few lines… More

  4. Thursday, 1/26/12

    The Birth of the Boot

    Earlier this month, we announced the 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe®, a new, limited-edition member of the Bean Boot family with a nod to the original product design that launched our company in 1912.   So how did the original Maine Hunting Shoe come to be a century ago? Some may be surprised to discover… More

  5. Monday, 1/23/12

    Behind the Scenes with Jim Gorman on Guaranteed to Last

    Recently, we sat down with Guaranteed to Last author, Jim Gorman, to talk about his experience writing L.L.Bean’s centennial story. As an avid outdoorsman and lifelong fan of L.L.Bean, Jim had dozens of his own outdoor stories to share with us.   How did you approach the writing of this book? L.L.Bean played a huge… More

  6. Thursday, 1/19/12

    The Celebration Begins

    This week marked the official launch of L.L.Bean’s 100th Anniversary, and we’re celebrating a century in many ways.     Our Mission We announced our Million Moment Mission, an endeavor to collect one million outdoor moments from our fans, friends and outdoor enthusiasts in 2012. To thank our extended L.L.Bean community for each moment shared,… More

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