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Leon Leonwood Bean

  1. Friday, 5/17/13

    A Blast from the Past: the Bean Archives and its Curator

    Worn leather, high heels and L.L.’s house. All are items that help comprise L.L.Bean’s official archives and museum. Sound unusual? It may be – but when you’re over 100 years old, you gather a few interesting items along the way.   What are the L.L.Bean Archives, exactly? A collection of Bean’s past and present housed… More

  2. Monday, 3/26/12

    The War Years: L.L. Bean Goes to Washington

    Throughout our anniversary year, we’re giving Trail Mix readers an inside look at our latest book, Guaranteed To Last, which chronicles our 100-year history. Today we thought we’d open the book and provide you with a closer look at our founder, L.L., and one particularly interesting trip to the nation’s capital in the 1940s –… More

  3. Thursday, 1/26/12

    The Birth of the Boot

    Earlier this month, we announced the 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe®, a new, limited-edition member of the Bean Boot family with a nod to the original product design that launched our company in 1912.   So how did the original Maine Hunting Shoe come to be a century ago? Some may be surprised to discover… More

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