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  1. Wednesday, 4/9/14

    Your L.L.Bean Stories. Illustrated.

    After launching Share Your Story on, our customers wrote to us with everything from product stories and suggestions to simple notes of gratitude. Every day, we learn about adventures in backyards and abroad, fun experiences with families and loved ones and L.L.Bean products passed on for generations. But most importantly, we’re reminded that by… More

  2. Saturday, 3/29/14

    A Little Cashmere, a Lot of Softness

    The 5% of premium cashmere in our Cotton/Cashmere Sweaters takes cotton to a whole new level – you’ll notice it at first touch. Five percent might not sound like a lot, but a small amount of something can actually make a big difference. Just think about what happens when you stir a bit of chocolate… More

  3. Tuesday, 3/25/14

    Made in Maine, Built for the Long Haul

    Designed when ice came in big chunks and money didn’t. Long before ice cubes tumbled from a freezer door, block ice was cut from local lakes to keep ice chests cold. The trick was transporting the ice home without it melting all over the car. Bean’s Ice Carrier – now known as the Boat and… More

  4. Friday, 3/21/14

    Rugged Cotton Canvas: “The Toughest Fabric Known”

    Thumb through any vintage L.L.Bean catalog and you’ll find lots of great items made from heavy-duty cotton canvas, starting with the Original Field Coat from 1924. Originally called “duck” after the Dutch word “doek,” meaning cloth, cotton canvas has been used since the 1800s in traditional sails, work clothes and even in the first “duck”… More

  5. Sunday, 3/16/14

    Custom Boots for Kikkan Randall and Her Teammates, Made Right Here in Maine

    Last month, we announced our partnership with Kikkan Randall, one of the best, most-decorated cross-country skiers in the world. We wanted to welcome Kikkan with something unique, to let her know how excited we are to work with her. How do you welcome a US cross-country skier to L.L.Bean? With some custom, Maine-made L.L.Bean Boots, of… More

  6. Tuesday, 3/4/14

    Between the Lines: The Story of Our French Sailor’s Shirt

    The French sailor’s shirt began as a tribute. The original design boasted 21 blue and white stripes, one for each of Napoleon’s victories. Initially, only sailors stationed in the Brittany region wore the shirts but when they discovered that the stripes made it easier to spot men who had fallen overboard, the entire French Navy… More

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