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Customer Stories

  1. Wednesday, 4/9/14

    Your L.L.Bean Stories. Illustrated.

    After launching Share Your Story on, our customers wrote to us with everything from product stories and suggestions to simple notes of gratitude. Every day, we learn about adventures in backyards and abroad, fun experiences with families and loved ones and L.L.Bean products passed on for generations. But most importantly, we’re reminded that by… More

  2. Tuesday, 3/4/14

    How easy-to-learn is cross-country skiing? Ask a second grader.

    At L.L.Bean, we’ve been telling people for years how easy it is to learn to cross-country ski. Still, some folks remain skeptical. So we thought we’d see if a 7-year-old – fresh off his first-ever cross-country skiing excursion – might be able to convince our readers to give it a try. Guest blogger Derek Chase… More

  3. Thursday, 12/12/13

    O Christmas Tree: Family Fun in the White Mountains

    Does your family like to find and cut your own Christmas tree? If you live close to a tree farm or a forest where tree cutting is permitted, hunting for the perfect tree can be an enjoyable and memorable family tradition. We asked guest blogger Justin Chase, writer of Outdoors, by Cracky!, to share his… More

  4. Tuesday, 12/10/13

    The Man Who Walked 75,000 Miles in L.L.Bean Boots

    Wildlife artist John Ruthven loves to walk. And he loves his L.L.Bean Boots. He has walked in them at least 4 miles a day, covering a total of more than 75,000 miles, over the past 50 years. Along with a sketchpad and pencil, his trusty boots are the only items that always go with him… More

  5. Saturday, 11/2/13

    The Featherweight Champion of the World

    What do a can of soda, half a dozen eggs, a single boot and a 6-inch meatball sub have in common?   All of them weigh more than our Ascent Packaway Jacket, which tips the scales at just 12 ounces. But don’t let the weight fool you; as one customer put it, “When I received… More

  6. Monday, 9/30/13

    Making Blankets – and Magic

    According to one customer, our Ultraplush Down Throw has mystical properties. “Whether you’re sick or cold or just having trouble getting to sleep, this throw is the solution. It relieves stress and cold symptoms, makes small dogs want to cuddle up with you. It would be even better if it was a little bigger.”  … More

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