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  1. Friday, 1/17/14

    The Red Sox World Championship Trophy Tour Is Coming to Freeport

    The 2013 World Championship trophy is coming to L.L.Bean on Saturday, January 25, and we couldn’t be more excited! Don’t miss this opportunity to take your picture with a Red Sox championship trophy.   Be sure to get a photo with L.L. Bear, too – he’s a big Sox fan, and wouldn’t miss this for… More

  2. Thursday, 11/14/13

    Life Inside the Shoe – Tales from the L.L.Bean Bootmobile: Red Sox Rolling Rally

    As told by Bootmobile driver Eddie F. The day started just like any other day; I woke up, got ready, and headed out to give the Bootmobile its regular check-up: lights, turn signals, tire pressure, etc. But today it looked a little different – completely decked out in red, to replicate the 2013 World Championship… More

  3. Wednesday, 10/30/13

    A Special Gift for the Boston Red Sox

    Here in New England, we aren’t just fans of the Red Sox – “fans” isn’t a strong enough word. Like cold winters and sea air, a love of the Sox is just part of our DNA (and not just because we’re partners with Fenway Park). Since our company was founded in 1912 – the same… More

  4. Tuesday, 10/8/13

    Wintervention Is Back!

    There’s a slight chill creeping through the New England air, which can only mean one thing – it’s time for another L.L.Bean Wintervention! Last year’s inaugural Wintervention Tour was such a success, we’ve packed up the Bootmobile once again to visit college campuses across the Northeast to ensure students have the gear they need to… More

  5. Wednesday, 10/2/13

    The Great Maine Outdoor Weekend as Experienced by Justin Chase

    This past weekend, L.L.Bean was proud to sponsor the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, a series of events all across Maine designed to help Mainers get out and enjoy the natural wonders of their native state. We asked guest blogger Justin Chase, writer of Outdoors, by Cracky!, to check out a couple of the events and… More

  6. Wednesday, 10/2/13

    L.L.Bean Boots. Red Sox. Enter Our Fenway Bean Boot Giveaway!

    For over 100 years, we’ve loved baseball. We love the anticipation that builds after extra innings, waiting for the crack of a bat, the dip of a glove and the roar of a cheering crowd. We also love baseball because we’re Red Sox fans. And for as long as L.L.Bean and Fenway Park are around,… More

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