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  1. Tuesday, 3/4/14

    How easy-to-learn is cross-country skiing? Ask a second grader.

    At L.L.Bean, we’ve been telling people for years how easy it is to learn to cross-country ski. Still, some folks remain skeptical. So we thought we’d see if a 7-year-old – fresh off his first-ever cross-country skiing excursion – might be able to convince our readers to give it a try. Guest blogger Derek Chase… More

  2. Thursday, 12/12/13

    O Christmas Tree: Family Fun in the White Mountains

    Does your family like to find and cut your own Christmas tree? If you live close to a tree farm or a forest where tree cutting is permitted, hunting for the perfect tree can be an enjoyable and memorable family tradition. We asked guest blogger Justin Chase, writer of Outdoors, by Cracky!, to share his… More

  3. Tuesday, 11/5/13

    Backwoods Plaid’s Rhon Bell Sets Up Camp in Freeport, Maine

    Blogger and outdoorsman Rhon Bell loves to get outside and explore his home state of Maine. He’s been sharing his adventures, stories and favorite outdoor gear on his blog, Backwoods Plaid, for over three years. Rhon isn’t just any blogger, however – he’s also an L.L.Bean employee! We invited Rhon to write a guest post… More

  4. Wednesday, 10/2/13

    The Great Maine Outdoor Weekend as Experienced by Justin Chase

    This past weekend, L.L.Bean was proud to sponsor the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, a series of events all across Maine designed to help Mainers get out and enjoy the natural wonders of their native state. We asked guest blogger Justin Chase, writer of Outdoors, by Cracky!, to check out a couple of the events and… More

  5. Monday, 9/23/13

    Exploring Maine’s Songo River with Outdoors, by Cracky!’s Justin Chase

    Guest blogger Justin Chase writes one of our favorite outdoor blogs, Outdoors, by Cracky!, about his adventures exploring New England with his family. Back in May, Justin wrote about a visit to Maine Audubon’s Hamilton Sanctuary here on L.L.Bean Trailmix. We loved his post and photos so much, we invited him to share another adventure… More

  6. Tuesday, 6/18/13

    From Portland to Portland: Ben and Becky’s Great American Adventure

    Meet Ben and Becky. After graduating from college this spring, these two friends decided to spend 40 days crisscrossing the US on a “last adventure prior to entering the real world.” They left Maine with a tankful of gas, a trunkful of L.L.Bean camping gear and a spirit of adventure. Their planned route, which will… More

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