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Meet Seth Wescott: L.L.Bean’s Winter Sports Testing and Design Partner

Although the short, snowy days of winter may seem like a long way off, we’re always working on developing the best winter gear for outdoor enthusiasts – even in the dog days of summer. And we’ve called on a local expert to help us do so.

Last year, we teamed up with world champion snowboarder and fellow Mainer Seth Wescott. We can’t think of anyone better to share expert insight while putting our winter apparel and gear through its paces. In fact, he’s already traveled to Antarctica to test our outerwear in one of the harshest winter environments on the planet.

We caught up with Seth during his short off-season to learn more about his Maine roots, snowboarding career and his favorite outdoor adventures.

As a sixth-generation Mainer, Seth feels a magnetic pull to our home state. Despite being on the road full-time since 1996, Seth says he’s never found anywhere else he’d want to call home. He chalks that feeling up to Maine’s relaxed, comfortable nature, which results in everyone treating him like a regular person – not a two-time Gold Medalist and movie star.

Seth Wescott at the L.L.Bean Flagship Store in Freeport, Maine

So how does one go from product user to product developer and collaborator? Easy. He spends most of his time in the weather our gear stands up to, so he’s well versed in what works. Seth evaluates our winter gear by wearing it while boarding all day at a resort or freeriding in the backcountry. This summer he’s also been assessing a new line of surf shorts during his daily physical therapy sessions, and he’s always testing the durability of our popular backpacks on his world travels.

Seth Wescott Snowboarding

As Seth says, “Since we started the relationship, my life has become a daily test.” Specifically, he tests each piece in a variety of conditions and settings to gauge durability, longevity, comfort and performance. Then, he meets with our product development team to provide honest feedback on each and every aspect of the equipment—whether it’s built-in powder skirts in jackets, gaiters in pants, or snug wrist closures.

Seth Wescott sits down with the L.L.Bean Product Development Team

Our Chief Marketing Officer Steve Fuller adds: “Seth has quickly become an integral part of how we think about winter gear and apparel. The product development team has incorporated Seth’s feedback in a number of ways. For instance, we’re revamping the cut of our high-performance Ascent Collection to better suit people with more active builds who are dependent on the perfect fit out in the elements, more so than the average person just using a winter coat to stay dry while shoveling the driveway.”

Seth Wescott on the Slopes

So, while you’re playing at the beach or relaxing around a campfire this summer, rest assured that we’re hard at work developing products that will help you enjoy all of your favorite winter activities when the snow starts to fall again. You don’t have to be a professional snowboarder like Seth to enjoy our winter gear collection, but it’s nice to know that our apparel passes even his toughest tests.

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