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At Long Last: a Customer’s Story

When our customers find a product they can rely on, they often stay loyal to that item for a long time.


Elena Hooley, an L.L.Bean customer from Pennsylvania, shared with us the story of her husband’s loyalty to his favorite L.L.Bean Field Coat. We’d like to pass that story along to you as well.


Elena wrote:


L.L.Bean Field Coat

Finally, after 19 years of marriage, my husband agreed to accept a new barn coat as a present. I’m not sure when he purchased his first barn coat, but he already had it when we married. I think his original one was stone colored at one time, but it has seen so much use and misuse, that the color has become unidentifiable. Everything else on the coat is still in great condition! Which was, of course, the reason why he did not want a new one. My husband gets very attached to things and his barn coat was no exception. It has seen him through all 4 seasons for many years (with and without the liner), hunting trips, camping trips, yard work, Boy Scout events and 5 children. I think some of the stains on the coat were contributed by our kids.


So this year, 19 years after I met the coat, I finally put my foot down — by getting the kids to pitch in and purchase a new barn coat as a Christmas present (how could he refuse them?). And he loves it! He’s worn it almost every day since Christmas. He doesn’t talk about it all that much, but I did find the old one stuck down in a storage area in the basement. It’s not quite out of the house yet, but we’ll give him some time.


Do you have an item of ours that you’ve held on to for decades? Would you ever let it go, or would you hide it somewhere for safekeeping? Just like Elena did, you can Share Your Story with us. We would love to hear from you.


  1. PJ | February 29, 2012 | 7:53 pm

    When my son was about 9 years old, I bought him a kids pullover polar fleece. It was warm and snuggly but he quickly outgrew it. Now being that it was a “Bean” coat, I just couldn’t part with it, so for the last 15-years, I’ve been wearing that coat throughout most of the year. It goes everywhere with me and with all my outfits as it’s a nice charcoal gray with navy trim. I wear it shopping, I wear it to sporting events, I wear it to dinner and well, quite honestly, I’ve been known to head out lobstering with it under my foul weather gear. My husband hates seeing me with it as it’s pretty threadbare in a lot of places, but I just love it. May I always be able to get that fish smell out!

  2. Dragan | March 1, 2012 | 2:32 am

    19 years? Well, my field coat was imported from the US in mid-1990s, I do not know the exact year, but I think it has about 17 years by now, and many bird surveys in Serbia (I remember that I have posted my birding photo wearing that coat on LL Bean web site some five years ago, or so), even some in Botswana, behind. I have another, older photo, from 1999, birding from a trawler deck, counting waterfowl in the Iron Gates Gorge in the Danube – with snow flakes in the air and a cup of hot coffee in my hand. Used to be saddle colored; now it’s a bit washed out and has some stains on sleeves that get on my nerves. Yep, I’m thinking of a new LL Bean field coat, but it’s kinda complicated, there’s no PayPal service in my country yet…

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